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Which Lanyard is the best for you ?

As with many products, some features may fit more perfectly with your needs than others. Below, we've tried to describe the main features, advantages and disadvantages of our lanyard products. Be assured, whichever product you choose, we guarantee you will be proud to wear it. Although our prices are more competitive than most, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and strive everyday to provide the best customer service possible.

The Polyester Lanyard

The polyester lanyard is our most popular and largest selling lanyard. It offers excellent print reproduction and a great look at an economical price. Screen printed, it allows you to put almost any design on them showing up clearly and distinctively. The material is slightly ribbed giving you a nice balance between price, performance and look.

The Nylon Lanyard

For the utmost in quality, the nylon lanyard should be considered. It is tough, shiny, super smooth and the perfect surface for high quality screen printing of detailed logos and images. The material has a light sheen which allows for high quality that will surely attract attention at your event. They are the most expensive lanyard we produce, but are well worth the extra expense, if you are looking for a super high quality printed lanyard.

The Full Color/Dye Sublimated Lanyard

If you require extra colors or 4 color process printing on your lanyard, this is the lanyard for you. It is perfect for complex multi-color logos. Your printing will appear on both sides of the lanyard. The printing does not sit on the surface of the lanyard, it is actually dyed directly into the material. Because of this, the images on full color lanyards are never going to smear, smudge or rub off. These lanyards also allows you the ultimate in creativity as any background, logo or imprint message can be used. The material for full color lanyards is polyester. For the economical price and multiple printing options we recommend this lanyard highly.

The Woven Lanyard

Woven lanyards feature a message or logo that is actually stitched into the fabric in the old needle and thread style similar to embroidery. Because they are woven, they are best for simple designs that do not require many colors or details. Complex logos or text will not be legible and cannot be used on woven lanyards. They are made from the same fabric we use in our polyester lanyards and will last for years to come. Because of their complexity, we usually need an extra week to manufacture these and they are a bit more expensive to produce.

The Shoelace Tube Lanyard

The least expensive lanyard is the tubular lanyard. It is made from a loosely wound polyester twill material actually formed into a tube similar to the feel of the classic shoelace instead of the usual flat ribbon material. The rounded edges make this lanyard very comfortable to wear for long period of time. It's perfect lanyard for those who may be on a tighter budget.